Are there any 10x10 standard breakout boards?

Does anybody know, if there are standard breakout boards 10x10cm availbale to order from jlc or similar?

Can you show us an example?

Like this:

It is not clear to me what you mean.

A “breakout board” is usually a term used for a small PCB for some specific IC to make it easy to connect to something else. For example a SOIC IC to a 0.1" header so it can be used on a breadboard, or a multi-amp motor controller IC with some screw connectors.

There is also “matrix board” or “prototype PCB”
These come in a bunch of sizes, and lots of sellers seem to sell the same size ranges, but these usually are not square, but rectangular. Here in Europe, a standard format has been 100*160mm for some 50 years or more.

When looking at “eurocard” on Wikipedia, 100x100mm is apparently also a standard format:

But as far as I know, the Chinese do not care much for european standards.

The photo is blurry but it seems to some kind of SMD to DIP adapter amirite? You can find those sold in AliExpress or you can take some designs and panelise then. I did some as an experiment but I got a freebie from JLC for that.

The only PCB mfg who offers access to users designs (with user approval) is OSHPark.

PCBWAY also has a user shared designs scheme. And of course many people share their designs on GitHub, etc.

There are also other sites dedicated to sharing PCB’s. (and electronics projects)
Some examples:

“labs” is a section with projects made by readers / members / subscribers of the “elektor” magazine, and not for articles vetted or checked by the magazine authors.

And there are many more sites dedicated to all kinds of electronics projects, and many have (links to) PCB’s. I do not find lists on Oshpark particularly useful. many very small simple PCB’s without any background information, no schematic nor project info.

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