Are the images on the forum currently broken?

Is it just me or are images broken currently? @ChrisGammell

I see images normally (using firefox 82 running on fedora 33)

Fails intermittently for me (no response from AWS).

So you see half an image? Could it be your internet provider? (Sometimes restarting the router fixes problems for me might be worth a try)

Statistically, I see 4/5 of an image :slight_smile:

Works on most reloads now :man_shrugging:

This happens to me on occasion. I think mostly because I load the ‘new posts’ tab and then go down and start opening topics in new tabs. I don’t know if it is the browser or I have too many connections to the server at one time. Reload always works though.

If you do see any images that fail to load, please link the page here (and maybe a screenshot, if a combination of images on that page load). Hopefully it’s a temporary thing with the AWS bucket.

Doesn’t happen ATM.

Before, connections to AWS just timed out without any response being sent. I assume it was just a hiccup.

Maybe? I can’t also see all the pictures tbh. I don’t know why. :worried:

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