Are all HC49xx Crystal Footprints the same?

I am looking at a spec that calls for a HC49-SD crystal but all I can find at HC49-S or other HC49 packages. Just curious if anyone knows whether all HC49xx packages are substantially the same as far as a footprint and really only differ on height?

If there are subtle differences, does anyone know which packages are equivalent with a HC49-SD footprint (height doesn’t matter for my application)?


I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

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Unfortunately the amount of standardization in electronic component packaging is abysmally low.
With a simple picture search:

You already get a bunch of variants. Some have a plastic underside (which can be important to prevent shorts caused by the metal package). There are also THT and SMT variants.

There are also some with an extra GND pin in the middle, and some of the old long versions have an extra pin for stability on the “other” side of the package to solder it horizontally on a PCB.

And those are probably just the most common variants.

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