Arduino Uno Template still using WRL models

I understand that KiCAD got rid of WRL 3-D models.

It seems that some of these were missed.
The Arduino Uno template uses WRL files for the stacking headers.


They are not removed. KiCad supports both WRL (for nicer rendering) and STEP (apparently more accurate dimensions)

Why do you think KiCad “got rid of them”?

See the FAQ

Doesn’t work.
The Arduino stacking headers still don’t appear.

There is a wrl and a wings file, but no step file in the Socket_Arduino_Uno.3dshapes folder that is created when using the template.

Attached are WRL and STEP of UNOr3 that I modeled for my purposes. Meaning, it does NOT have refined details (that I don’t care about or need).

But, perhaps useful enough for you to use in your footprint… (and, you can make an UNO Template with it…)

UNO_R3_Complete_cp.wrl (798.8 KB)
Arduino_UNO_R3_wHeaders_Pwr_USB_v2.step (1.8 MB)

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