Arduino mini BAS21/ SOT

Every body
I am hobbyist not a professional nor student and I have no education or any study in electronic field .
but I am leaning from vdo tutorials etc…
I like to design a circuit with kicad . I chose Arduino mini ver3 due to its simple circuit and not complicated …

I am facing problem to design BAS21/SOT23 Schematic symbol and foot print library and I am using imac os X how to add both libraries Eeschema and brd footprints…
Please help where to download libraries and how to add in kicad libraries in tables…

What step do you have a problem with?
Did you try google or youtube with that yet?
Or searching the forum?

actually i am searching on google for schematic symbol for Aruduino mini

Hm… I guess you’ll have more luck to search for a template or whole project instead of a symbol.

Isn’t the brain of it a Microchip AVR processor (former Atmel)?
You might want to search for those if you want to re-create an arduino circuitry?!

Anyhow, did you follow this yet?

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Yes, most Arduinos (including the Arduino Pro Mini) use the ATmega328P.

A schematic symbol for the ATmega328P is available in the standard KiCad libraries. In KiCad 4.0.7, it’s in the atmel library, and in KiCad 5.x, it’s in the MCU_Microchip_ATmega library.

I also have an alternate schematic symbol for the ATmega328P in my avr-arduino library. The difference is that mine has the pins labeled with the Arduino pin numbers, in addition to the manufacturer’s pin names.

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Thanks for cool helpful video tutorial

Small addition to Chris Gammels “Getting to Blinky” video:
When designing new schematic symbols you really want to put all the pins on a 100mill grid.
Or else you can easily put yourself in a spot where you get annoying problems while drawing the schematic.

Or even better, draw the whole symbol to conform to the library guidelines:
But this is probably a bit (too) much if you are just learing to draw your first schematic symbol.
(But drawing the pins on a 100 mill grid is imporant enough to repeat it here).

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I really appreciate for this link
Thanks for your cooperation because This link is helpfull for me

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