Arduino mega draw schema

Hi! I am very new to kicad and just created and ordered my first pcb :wink:
For my seond project i would like to create a arduino mega shield.
I found a pcd layout thru google that has all the pins in correct place
But how can i assign this to the correct footprint. There is no file that i can find
So i thought i just draw the pcb route tracks but the pencil will not snap to the pbc points.
All advice is more then welcome!

Maybe @SchrodingersGat can help out. This says it is for Kicad V4 so Iโ€™m not sure if it would work for V5.

Thereโ€™s such a template integrated in KiCad, at least in this Windows installation. Create a new project from template and find the template there.

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Interesting. I compile from source on Linux and nothing there. The directory is updated but I have some old files there. Family matters have kept me from doing much for about a year now.

Templates are in their own repo so if you compile the source yourself then you need to add the templates the same way as you need to add the libraries

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Thanks got it now. My templates were set to the wrong path :frowning:


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