Arduino Library

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Sorry I hope I’m asking this is the correct forum, but is there a general Arduino Library that people tend to use? I am looking for an Arduino (Uno in this case) component to use as part of a schematic rather than a schematic for an Arduino if that makes sense?

I did a search but it doesn’t look like this has been discussed on here for a while.


Start with: KiCad / File / New / Project from Template and then experiment a bit with the arduino projects.

There are no custom parts on an Arduino board. Just the processors that are all under MCU_Microchip_Atmega, R and Cs, crystal and some 0.1" pitch connectors

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Also, What do you mean with an “Arduino Library”?
Do you want a schematic symbol, or a footprint?

Schematic symbols are really easy to make in KiCad. It is not much more then drawing a rectangle and some pins and a bit of metadata (such as the name of the symbol and such).

If it is for a footprint for one of those arduino’s with odd connector pin spacing, then I advise to use some other microcontroller board :slight_smile:
But if you insist. You can probably extract such a footprint from one of the template projects I linked to earlier.

[Edit] Like radix’ post below I do indeed also have these as standard symbols & footprints in my KiCad libraries for V5.1.9.

Open the add symbol tool and start typing in “arduino”.
I see this:

I assume that one of the Arduino_UNO_R* symbols should be what you are looking for. They are even linked with a footprint.