Arduino board symbols

I would like to design a shield for different Arduino boards, I see the footprint for most of the boards, but I don’t see a symbols. There must be an easy way to do this, maybe a library that I’m missing. Thanks for any help!

A shield will probably be empty except for maybe the headers. I haven’t worked with templates for a while but I think you open it, save it as another project. Then add whatever you want. The board outline is there already.

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I see where I would use a Template for the Arduino Board and it will list Headers. I guess I could use one sheet for Headers and another for my circuits.

In Eeschema, pres “a” for “add”, then start typing “arduino” in the search box.

Then I placed an “Arduino_UNO_R2”, and pumped it over to Pcbnew with [F8], and it opens Pcbnew with an arduino board:

If this does not work for you then you most likely do not have the “MCU_Module” library.

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I shouldn’t type anything after getting back from half price night at the pub. But… :wink:

If you are making a shield then you bring up the header template and add your circuit. The point of the template is someone has already worked out the basics of the bare shield and shared it. You don’t have to worry about the header placement or board shape. That has been done for you.

If you want to replicate an Arduino then that is a different project.

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