"Arc corner mode" in 5.99 -- what is it?

One of the recent reports on Gitlab relates to “Arc corner mode” routing, supposedly activated (on Linux) with the “Ctrl + /” keyboard shortcut.
However, on windows Ctrl+/ does not give any visible effect. I know the modifier key mapping is altered between Linux and Windows.

Anyone knows what the feature is, and if/how can it be activated on a Windows build?

In arc corner mode, you get arcs at corners instead of sharp angles. You can also select it by right clicking while routing and selecting “Track Corner Mode”. Caveat: I’m looking at a very old build so terminology may have changed.

Here’s a screenshot with with regular corners and arc corners:

Consider reporting the shortcut issue.


Thanks :slight_smile: Works in my build when activated from the context menu.
Probably keyboard shortcut is not working properly under Windows.

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