Apply common PCB layout for hierarchical schematic?

I’ve created my first hierarchical design in Eeschema. It has 4 sub-circuits with about 25 components each.

When I send the netlist to Pcbnew, how can the hierarchical nature be maintained and avoid replication of effort? Is there a way I can route the “internal” traces for one of the four sub-circuit instances, and then apply those routes to the other three instances? Can I automatically group and place the components in each sub-circuit in the same relative position?

The “Replicate Layout” script is designed for exactly this.

@paulvdh - thanks for the tip. I found this post which says one didn’t work, and they wrote a new one. And I found this on github.
Can you point me to the current working (Recommended) version for 5.1.6?

I only did a few experiments with the script to verify that it works, and that it works quite good.

That may have been about a year ago, and I have not kept track of updates after that.

The one by @MitjaN should work. Just grab the default “master” branch from gitlab.