Apparent inconsistency between SCH, PCBNEW and 3D view

Hi again,

See pic below. See the two holes labeled “1”. The one lower left is a clearance hole for a #6 mounting screw. The one to the upper right is in fact a manual solder pad with a 138 mil pad and a 47 mil hole in that pad. They show up properly in the footprint viewer. They show up properly in the 3D view. But they show up as you see them in PCBnew. Any idea why? I am going with what i see in the footprint viewer, but it bugs me…
holes note pads


looks like you have pads shown in outline mode

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I dont understand what you are saying…

There is a button in the left toolbar that controls how pads are shown. They can either be shown filled or in outline mode (also found in the view menu).

See section “Other Visibility Modes” of Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started)

Ok, but i have other identical solder pads that are showing differently – with the same settings. Its that inconsistency that concerns me…

See this jpeg. The hole in question (left #1) and the hole with the market on it (another confusing issue i wont get into since i know its wrong) are essentially the same pad, slightly different sizes. They show completely differently in this view, btu the same in the 3D view and in the footprint viewer.

two pads shown differently

So while in this case i plan to ignore both, its either confusing to me or some kind of bug.

That worked. Thank you.

I still don’t understand why different pads display differently, but now i see something that makes sense to me…

One of the pads is connected to copper while the other is not. (green is bottom copper)

Additionally, there are two yellow circles and one black one. The black one shows the size of the hole, the inner yellow one the size of the pad and the second outer yellow one is showing the resulting clearance requirement. I would guess that you did not notice the black circle as the background is also black (this can not be changed in version 5, background and holes are always drawn in the same colour).

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