Anyone using the Tag-Connect connector?

Just wondering? It is a very nifty, albeit somewhat expensive connector that mates to a footprint. The manufacturer has footprints for KiCad, but if you want the connector with “hooks”, then the footprint is very crammed, requiring extremely thin traces to clear the holes.

No. Too expensive for me. I made my own with pogo pins. Non-locking though. Quite nice for crammed or tiny boards.

True, 50$ plus 50$ freight. Sometimes to I send out PCBs with just the programmed PIC and in that case is the ICSP connector a problem when I pack… So I took the plunge and ordered one. I did consider pogo-pins though.

Anyone else?

edit: The clearance to route is 0,3mm at the most crammed part so you need to do 0,1mm or 0,15mm traces.

I think I’ve read a hackaday discussion revolving around ICP-connectors like the ones you mention:

And that one is pretty recent:

Yup. That is neat… Why did I not think of that? Have lots of old cerd edge-connectors lying around…

Incidentally one of the links discuss the routing problems with Tag-Connect:

I tried Tag-connect, was not impressed. The hardware guy likes it, but no one else. He went ahead and put it on without asking anyone who will actually be using it :frowning:

The footprint is no smaller than the 0.05" pitch connector, even when the locking holes are left off. So when I was asked to program 50 prototypes by holding the connector to the board, I just said “no!” They found someone in production to do it…

Wish I had seen this thread first as a recently came across the Tag-Connect a couple of weeks ago. Was excited and ordered one without the “hooks” and have tried it on the first set of boards with its footprint.


  • Reasonably small footprint
  • Pogo-pin contacts seem good
  • Behind the board holder for the “hookless” model does work—at least for awhile


  • The KiCad footprint libraries provided are old and disorganized—it was easier to remake them. Don’t believe the company’s claim for up-to-date KiCad support.
  • If I keep using it, I’m locked into a design that requires me to purchase more of the programmers (for field ops) and there is no bulk discounts that I’ve seen.
  • In my limited use, I have noticed a continuity issue from time-to-time with the device. It seems to be related to the cable connector end, not the pogo-pin end. Having to swap connectors on a $50 device seems strange.

Did my first board with TAG-Connect, works very well!

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