Anyone here Artistic?

I personally have about as much artistic ability as a rock.

Is anyone here willing to create a drawing as a .dwg file that would be used as silkscreen on a pcb?

For me, impossible, but for a semi-skilled individual I don’t think it would be all that hard or time consuming.


Any skilled individual would be able to negotiate the terms of their participation!

Actually, the individual could probably just dictate the terms of their effort.

Opposites attract. My wife is an artist, therefore, I am not. Sorry. I looked into trying to do 3-D models (a simple box for a relay) and simply gave up. Maybe in my next life.

I can’t even draw stick figures that look like stick figures, never mind trying to draw a 3D box.

All I need is a couple of well placed ovals and a few longer lines. Probably 10 line items in a drawing program. Like I said, probably pretty simple for people that can draw.

there are websites for this… cgtalk or deviantart comes to mind, or some of the support forums for community driven art software like inkscape - vector based - should get you very easy to DXF.

I’d give it a whirl , but I have more than enough on my plate(s), sorry.
(while I’m not artistic, I got graphic skills, copying real objects onto paper is my thing or the other way around, was pretty adept in a ‘former live’ with 3D max creating 3D models, fantasy stuff out of my head on the other hand, not so much, I probably lack the drugs for that :wink: )