Anyone experienced with LCC modules footprint

I know it’s not a KiCad thing, but since there’s a lot of experienced engineers here, I seek for an advice.
One of the communication modules I use for my projects is being replaced with an updated one.
Old one used LGA contacts located on the bottom, outer perimeter of the module itself.
The pads for these LGA contacts were totally covered by the module itself when installed (even though they were on the outside perimeter of the package).
The replacement module uses similar design but with LCC contacts. And this mean the module is soldered on both bottom of the module and on the module sides. Recommended footprint asks for outer pads protruding outside the module area, which makes new design more space consuming (even if the package itself is of identical dimensions).

Is it acceptable for the LGA module to be soldered only on the bottom without the sides being soldered? And using pads that are fully covered by the module, just like with the LCC design. I don’t care about the reworking, since there are more LCC pads within the footprint so it’s very hard to remove anyway.
Any caveats on not providing the outer parts of the pads?

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