Anyone else have problems using KiCad over remote desktop?

Using V5.0.0 on Windows 10 via RDP, Pcbnew tells me OpenGL is not available when first run but seems to render everything OK - except for when I open a 3D view and selecting Raytracing which instantly takes kiCad off the desktop! No error, no warning about unsaved data. The entire suite gone.

Using OpenGL rendering instead, the 3D viewer produces huge stripes like some kind of Moire pattern:

None of this happens if I use the PC locally but I’m trying to keep V5 on my desktop PC and RDP into it from where I work using my Laptop that has V4 installed - y’know, so I can have both versions handy. :wink:

3D Viewer has already some issues running locally :confused:
What do you mean “off the desktop” ? could it be using your native desktop resolution instead?
Are you able to save a render image File-> … does it look ok?

You can fill a bug report but I guess that will be just for the record :wink:

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This may be of use:

Right now, you are getting an error and pcbnew starts up in Cairo, which does not need OpenGL. 3d-viewer is another issue

Or you could search this site for other threads regarding KiCad and remote desktop.

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