Any way to drag vias or components?

KiCad 5.1.2.
In what I am currently doing it would help me a bit if I could drag a resistor with strait connections to it and drag along the tracks. There is no such possibility or I just don’t know how to get to it?

It would also help if I could push tracks with GND via.

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Select the via you want to move and hit the ‘G’ key to drag it. The via can be dragged anywhere and the traces attached to via will also move and stay connected. You may want to adjust your grid size up to minimize ugly traces angles.

In PCBNew use the ‘d’ key instead of the g key to drag vias, and it will keep tracks at 45° angles.

There is no such possibility with either key to drag footprints in 5.1.x to my knowledge.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you drag a via which is connected to track it will push and shove. A lone via doesn’t do that. The latter case is a bug:

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I was thinking about GND via without any track connected to it and possibility to go with it among existing tracks by shove them.
I found that I can move that vias and see Highlighted collisions - it is helpfull, but much more would be if I can switch betwean Highlight collisions and Shove behaviour for such vias.
I don’t have vias other then GND.

Thanks. It works !
I was experimenting with GND vias alone. I put them anywhere and they got GND net from my bottom GND zone and then I wonted to place them by sometimes pushing some tracks.
I didn’t checked what if I add a track tail to my via (if simpler situation don’t works I didn’t supposed more complicated can work so even not thought about checking it).

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