Any Ubuntu 16.10 or 17.04 users?


I just want to know if 4.0.6 or Nightly is currently working OK on these releases. There was a wxPython version problem with 16.10 at one point.


4.0.6 works ok for me on 16.10.


4.0.6 works fine for me on 17.04


I wasn’t expecting this, the “bleeding edge” distribution users, with the stable but now old KiCad.
No Nightly users, the PPA shows successful builds, but that doesn’t guarantee it all works


This seems to be related to that issue


I doubt that this is the same bug. Please raise this one as a bug on Launchpad.
18.04 is causing many problems and attempts to work round them can cause others.


That’s what I thought at first.

@KarlZeilhofer appears to be knowledgeable to build his own nightlies, so it might just be related in some weird way.


I’m not sure, where that error, posted at AppImage on Github, came from. That’s why I dind’t post in the bugtracker for KiCad.
As mentioned on Github, I “reconfigured” to use ubuntu xenial, and then it worked again. Currently I’m not building KiCad from source, since I’m happy with the AppImage, which is built from the PPA.


Anyway, this thread was about a 16.10 and 17.04 issue and both of these are out of support and should not be in use.


I have used Kicad 4.0.6~7 up in Bionic, but I do not recommend it, I had problems, with Xenial it works fine.