Any plans to support User Loadable Design Rules


Are there any plans to support loadable design rules?

Is there a place to input feature requests?

Would have thought it was not that difficult or long to develop.

Okay users can enter them manually but would be useful to be able load a set provided by a Fab company and not risk any transcription errors


For now, the way i do this is i keep a “template board” that i copy to the project folder and rename when creating a new project. This template contains the design rules i use, so that every new project has the same predefined rules.
A template could be created for each set of different rules if required and the relevant one copied into the project folder as required.

The template is just created by creating a dummy project and setting the design rules, saving the board and keeping it/them in a “template folder” somewhere.


Submit a wishlist bug at the bugtracker at . Read the “How to submit a bug” first ( ) and also remember to check if a similar request has already been submitted. (Not everything of the “How to” applies to wishlist bugs!)

The KiCAD global design rules are rather minimal - minimum trace width, copper spacing, and soldermask clearance - so I don’t think a “Design Rules” file would save much effort.



@Steev: do you know that there is a build-in template system in KiCad?
you can create a new project based on a template with the ‘new project from template’ button new Project Icon
how to create a new template is detailed in 4. Using templates
(so for example i have a template for git-based projects with a special prepared directory structure and also my ‘default’ settings)

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Thanks @s_light. I’ll take a look at this - i wasn’t even aware of it.
Previously, i was running a windows batch file where the user input was the new Project name, and the batch file created the project folder and copied the board template, .pro and other files (renaming with the project name).
The “new project from template” option may be a more flexible approach.