Any plans for Kicad nightly PPA on Ubuntu 22.10?

I’ve just upgraded Ubuntu 22.04 to 22.10 (Was release about a month ago) and wondered why my nightlies stopped upgrading :frowning:

Looks like there are no nightly packages for 22.10.

Any plans to update the repo and include builds to 22.10?

(Not sure if this will get picked up here or should I raise a issue?)

There is actually an issue open for this already in the Ubuntu builder: Wishlist: Add add builds for Ubuntu 22.10 to the PPA as well (#36) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Packaging / kicad-ubuntu-builder / KiCad Daily Package · GitLab. We’ll see what we can do to enable this.

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Great stuff. Good to know it’s in the works.

I can see the issue referred to above has now been closed but I still do not see any nightly builds for 22.10 (There are stable builds for 22.10 though)

A build was run last night and one was kicked off 40 mins ago and 22.10 still not included. Does this still need some work on the build server to include 22.10?

Should be fixed now.

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Thanks, all working now. Just installed latest nightly.

Does this work on Linux mint? If so, where do I find a list of commands that I can copy and paste int the terminal? Thanks.

It should work on mint, and the instructions are int the ppa page.

6.99 works on Mint 20.3 Una and 21 Vanessa. That is all I have ever tried.

You install a 6.99 from here:
6.99 installation is below the 6.0.9 installation. The two programs are totally independent of each other (so don’t forget the libraries, the “recommended” button).
Once you have installed 6.99, updates will appear nightly, or daily, in your “Update Manager”.

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