Any news about / in symbol's name?

I see this old thread and related issue about the use of / in symbol’s name, as a lot of components require. The same applies for ( and ) and other common chars used by manufacturers.

I understand that the answer is “Kicad does not support them, so don’t use them”.
My question is about BOM: when I send such a “revised” part name to the fabrication house, they say that cannot find some components, and I have to retrieve the datasheet and manually send them the correct order codes.

Why Kicad cannot accept those special chars (even with some escaping!)? I mean, the goal of the symbol libraries is to store components, so I would think it should adapt itself to them, not viceversa :slight_smile:

How do you handle this issue?

I have never used element symbol to order parts.
For example at schematic I have symbol: 10n, but I order: MLCC 10n/50V X7R 10% 0603.
To translate it I use LibreOffice spreadsheet. At one page I have my database with all elements I use. Into second page I copy BOM from PCB design software and I have equations that search right element from first page and insert full descriptions there.
I use Polish version of LibreOffice so not sure the key function English name but probably it is: SEARCH.VERTICALLY.
Then I copy the result as ‘only text’ to my order.

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Before version4 the / was allowed in symbol names.

We changed the / by a _ or - in the symbol names and we stopped worrying about it.

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