Any news about a simple working copy and paste inside schematics?

Is there any news about when a working copy and paste, at least as in the old 4022 release, will be re-introducted?

It is not a windows ^C/^V, but when I do this in eeschema

Mouse Drag a Selection Box (defaults to move)
Right Mouse -> Copy Block (or save/delete)

then I can place a copy of Parts/Connections/Text fine ?
Did you mean something else ?


Ah… I think you mean across sheets and/or across SCH’s ?

Some years back, I used an EDA tool that did not yet have a smooth ^C/^V action, and their workaround was a workable but klunky
*Save Block to File
*Insert Block from file

Digging in eeschema finds there is already a
Select-Block - Save Block (^C), { but where does that Save Block go - no prompt is given ??}
some sleuthing, finds there is a Paste icon on the eeschema Toolbar (and only on the tool bar, becomes active when there is something to paste).

The Saved Block is in some secret location, and Paste retrieves that.
This ‘secret location’ is eeshemea local, so this does not work across sessions, but does work across load-save files.

Summary : Select-Block - Save Block (^C) (…swap sch etc…) Toolbar.Paste
will harvest blocks, within one eeschema session.

I think there is no direct equivalent in NewPcb ?
Append PCB seems the only import-from-outside path ?


In what release does it work between different schematics (I mean schematics in different projects)?