Any new cheat sheets?

PDF links at top of thread defunct. New ones available?

I made this a new topic because the original refers back several versions. The software put a link in for anyone that wants to check. The problem with reviving old threads is people have to read a lot to get to YOUR point.

Valid question though. Welcome to the forum.

A simple search finds plenty of copies:

The github link in the original post also still works.

As I also added to that other old thread:
A simple search finds plenty of copies:

The github link in that old thread also shows a link to a mirror of kicad-doc.
While Hermit was splitting of this topic, I was looking at that, but it seems to be a static document and consider .pdf a non-editable format. It also shows shortcuts that do not work anymore in KiCad V6 so it is in need of maintenance, but that is up to the creator of the document who has the source for it.

I don’t know how much it helps but you can bring up the hotkey help window and just leave it open. It’s under ‘help’. Go figure. :wink: V6 doesn’t seem to have created the rush of unofficial documentation we’ve seen in the past.

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