Any major Windows release vs. Linux build anomalies to be aware of?

Hi everyone. I’ve been thinking about outsourcing the pcb layout of my design. I use the latest build of kicad on Linux (5338), and my worry is that if I hire someone that uses a stable build (release, not compiled) in Windows, that the resulting design files may be wonky if loaded into fresh compiled build.

I could browse through pages of bug fixes on launchpad but I’m just trying to get a general feeling of what people think about this. I haven’t been around KiCad long enough to gauge myself.

You will have to get them to compile the latest using the winbuilder unless you drop back to using bzr4022 as well. There have been a lot of format changes, especially in Pcbnew, between those two revisions.

EDIT: Or you could try the Windows builds recently posted here or try