Any interest here in an symbol generator?


I have written already an symbol generator for another schematic tool and now I’m thinking about an additional export interface to support KiCad library symbols. There are two main possibilities in the moment to generate symbols:

  1. Generate symbols from given CSV input (usage mainly for bigger pincount components like processors, FPGA’s …) PinType and pin negotiation are supported.
  2. Generate generic symbols (mainly used for connectors)

In both cases you get an ASCII preview (see attached example pictures) in terminal window and the symbol in library format as additional file in filesystem. The process itself is also able to be run in an batch file, to generate a huge count of different symbols.

So my question is, if there is a public interest for such a tool in the KiCad community? If yes, I will try to expand my current datamodel to more aspects which are belong to KiCad symbol library format or needs.


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Isn’t it similar to what KiPart does?:

It would be cool to have the ascii preview on KiPart :slight_smile: