Any Current Recomendations for a Fab House?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a US mass production Fab house? It would be my goal to keep the design as confidential as possible for at least 6 months. Perhaps one that is willing to slowly ramp up the monthly production numbers?

One board is fairly small, only 2x2.5"/(50.8x63.5mm). There are no design requirements that are tighter than what OSH Park can do. I suppose I could contact OSH Park and ask them who they use, as they provide a service and not the actual fabrication.

Or, maybe someone here knows of an industry connection that one could tap into? Perhaps something like D2P that is a little sooner on the calendar?

Really looking forward to seeing what some of the members will share!

Can’t help, but give you a friendly bump :wink:

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Are you looking for assembly too? Here are some I have used lately with good success:

CircuitHub (Full assemblies, Will quote from Kicad Files)
MacroFab (Full assemblies, Will quote from Kicad + Gerbers)
PCB-Pool (Bare PCBs, Out of Europe)

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Yes, unless it is substantially cheaper to have the Pcb’s fabbed and shipped somewhere else.

I would check out CircuitHub (Deerfield, MA) and MacroFab (Austin, TX), if just to check out their automated quoting process to get an baseline of price vs. lead time vs. quantity. The CircuitHub upload and quote process is a bit better than MacroFab’s, but I still use both. MacroFab will show you a graph of US-based prototype vs Mexico-based volume production. I think MacroFab does the assembly in the US.


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