Any chance the 'Create Array' tool could be added under 'Edit', 'Place', or 'Tools'?

It’s hinted at here Where went the "Create array" function in PCBNEW?

It seems like it would quite easy for the learning KiCad user to never discover that it has the powerful ‘Create Array’ tool if it isn’t visible under one of the drop downs, no?


Needing to know beforehand that such a tool exists makes discovery very difficult, unless someone reads through the Help at PCB Editor | 8.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad

Maybe this was already addressed somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

Hi @jakketet

I don’t think the OP was asking where that function is; I think the OP is more worried about others being able to find it.


It is not just that function. I’ve lost count of the number of users asking on this forum for ways to accurately place something, somewhere; or mess with the grid somehow, or change track widths on the fly, or align symbols, or, or, or …

Kicad has reached the stage where there are so many useful functions to help create a PCB that it really is a case of RTFM, or systematically click and consume and experiment, on and with, every single notation, to be able to use the programme effectively.

I agree, RTFM! Or just mess around!
But… there is also something called “user interface design” It is something that is learned in industrial design schools and these people are not necessary “real” engineers! And they are expensive specialists.
But I agree it is not easy satisfying everybody… especially engineers! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
On the other hand, this is free software AND it is really great!!!

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Yes, and I’m just a user, but I did think about the OP’s suggestion.

We have an action on an individual item that is available in the two editors, Footprint & PCB, so this should be in the same place for both. Looking at the actions listed, this sort of excludes Edit & Tools. Place maybe would work, but the action is Create. Does Create belong in Place? I dunno.

I do know that it doesn’t take long, working with this programme, to find that a right click on anything brings up a bucket load of great usable actions. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Even it is typical for many programs this info should be at first page of all KiCad documentation pdf-s :slight_smile: . Just after the info: ‘keeping mouse in one hand use second for hot-keys’.

If list of possible actions is too long to fit on the menu it is very convenient solution to show user only actions that are available in current situation (different when you point on nothing, different if you have track segment selected or zone selected and so on).

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Thanks everyone. I had used the Array tool in the past and saw someone looking for that functionality in a different post. After looking and not finding it where I thought it might be (Edit,Place,or Tools), I was thinking the dev’s removed it. I forgot you could get to it by selecting a footprint and RMB (Thanks @jakketet & @Piotr).

I’m writing a tutorial for v8 (just creating a simple board) and realizing how hard it is to even know what KiCad is capable of without sitting to ‘Read The Fun Manual’ often. For the Array, the Manual’s entire explanation about it is…


…not wrong, but seems it could have it’s own section teaching you how to use it in both Grid and Circular as it really took a bit of trial and error to figure it out properly (and it really saved me a ton of time).

If a tool like this is so hidden, it makes me want to look all over KiCad to see what else ‘I don’t know that I don’t know’ as we say here.

  • an idea…

An animated GIF in the manual to show how to use tools like this, seems like it may be a sold way to ‘document’ it well. Just my thoughts (not sure who might find them useful or not). Someone could possibly have a ‘weekly feature explanation email list’ that us “yet-to-be-KiCad-guru’s” could sign up for (or a short 1-2 minute video on YouTube or wherever). Getting to learn from someone (or many different people) who really knows how to use each feature well is hard for the average KiCad learner to find as a mentor. Videos could be turned into a playlist called “KiCad University” or something better…

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