Any 3Ds for Arduino-like pass-thru headers (socket strips)?

Does anyone know of 3Ds available for Arduino-like socket strips ?
I’m in need of some like KiCad’s Arduino templates (the long ones), but need them with various pin counts.

Thanks !

Some of them are in the kicad library repo. (But only wrl files. No step files are availible yet.)


I think OP is looking for the stacking connectors not the regular ones.

samtec has a quite nice 3d parts generator. (but as with the 3d models from other sources they have a horrible license. Read the terms of use before using them: This is also true for all sources of 3d models or for that matter even for footprints!)

example SSQ type with lead style 2, 3, 4 or 5 (The higher the number the longer the lead)

Thanks to all that have helped !
Yes, the stackable kind is what I was looking for. I’ve noted all links provided.

I managed to load the ones from the Arduino template into Blender and edited them to get the pin-counts I needed.