Another try. Does anybody know something about the Microwave footprint repo?

I am a bit unsure about these footprints. (Do they even work? What are they intended to be?)

They again don’t include documentation. Can somebody here enlighten me?

Link to the library:

Wasn’t there a utility for rendering a footprint library to pdf? That would be easier to view online even if you didn’t have Kicad handy.

I would like to see an A4 pdf in each library showing all the footprints in that library, a graphical contents page

Microwave stuff usually is “tuned” for the specific application and without further documentation (like PCB substrate material dielectric parameters, operating frequency, etc.) the stuff in the lib is pretty useless.

Here’s what I can (and can’t) identify from looking at the footprints and their dimensions:

ALIM - ???
C41485CC - ??
C41485MM - ??
C7812 - ?? (probably SO-8 SMT)

CC08CC - 0805 SMT device
CC08CM - 0805 SMT device (most probably with pad 2 to be tied to GND)
CC08ZM - probably same as CC08CM
CC08ZZ - 0805 SMT device with widening pads to match microstrip track width

CC12** - same as CC08, but for 1206 SMT device

GAP - ??
POS - fiducial?
RAID - ??
SMA - probably SMA connector that never got finished

STUBCC - microstrip stub (to be shortened to GND with vias)
STUBCO - microstrip stub (open)

THROU - via?

My 2 cents: Drop it.

These look like the 41485 6 GHz transistor which is obsolete.

Thanks for all the input. We decided not to include this bad lib in the v5 release repo. If at a later time somebody contributes better footprints with the necessary meta information we will of course accept it.