Another possible 5.99 bug

I’m wanting confirmation from people of a possible bug in 5.99

Junction dots this time.

After importing a schematic from 5.1.10 into 5.99:

File / Schematic setup / General formatting / Connections / Junction dot size
does not work. It will only work for newly added junctions, HOWEVER, if you go into

Edit / Edit text and graphic properties

Tick “wires and wire labels”
Change “junction size” from “Leave unchanged” to any number, click OK, then:
All junction dots, new and imported, will change to that size.

The junction dot size in File / Schematic setup works on new AND the imported junction dots.

I don’t know if this would be a bug or normal behavior because the file is edited.
Any comments?

If the junction dot size is set to 0, it should use the size defined in schematic setup. If it is set to any other value, then the value in schematic setup will have no effect. This is to allow possibility of complex formatting - e.g. you might want one particular junction to look bigger than the rest.


I think there might be a bug in any case. I believe the 5.1 schematic should have been imported with a junction size of 0. I don’t believe 5.1 allowed setting “per junction” size - it was just a global user preference.

If you could please create a gitlab issue and attach an example design that shows the issue we can take a closer look.

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