Anomalies in gerber viewer 5.1.6

I recently exported a project to gerbers and viewed in the native gerber viewer of KiCAD 5.1.6, and found some very odd geometric shapes jutting out from some zones and traces.

Here is a gallery of some pictures showing the anomalies. I was able to check with other gerber viewers and confirm that the anomalies do not appear in other gerber viewer software (Gerbv and Viewmate):

Let me know if there is a way to submit this issue as a bug, or if it’s something potentially already addressed in 5.1.7

First choose a different color than white for the layer. Certain non-layer items in the viewer are marked as white, so it may be impossible to tell them apart.

Second, it’s not possible to tell anything from the pictures, we need more information. Ideally the whole project zipped with the original kicad files and the generated gerbers.

I had a look at those pictures on Imgur, but I do not see any “anomaly”.
Can you describe what you consider to be such an “anomaly”, and preferably mark it in one of the pictures with a circle or arrow or similar. (Hand drawn with the mouse and somewhat wavy lines is best, as it is then clear it’s not made by CAD software).

At the moment my best guess is that you expected the edge of a zone to be straight because you drew a straight line, but KiCad does much more than that. It calculates distances between objects, and retracts the edges of zones to conform to clearance rules.

If you are refering to these bumps in the zone outline:

They are perfectly normal.
Look at the pads next to them. The very thin red lines are a visualisation of the clearance area around the pads and can be turned of with Pcbnew / Preferences / Preferences / Pcbnew / Display Options / Clearance Outlines / Do not Show
The bumps in the GND plane itself follows the outline of the clearances of the combined pads.

Also note the area near the bottom of this screenshot.There are no pads there, and therefore the zone does not have to be made narrower to conform to clearance rules and it follows the boundaries you drew.

If you mean something completely different, then explain better, and indeed attaching the zipped project itself makes diagnosing “anomalies” a lot easier.

If you are refering to these:

My first guess would be that it is text which can not be distinguished because of the Black/White picture.

For example the DCodes that are by default shown in whit text

You’re absolutely correct on this. The gerber viewer picked white for the top copper layer color when I opened the files.
I just went and changed to green and observe this:

Looks like it’s not an issue, thanks for helping me to solve this one.

Also @paulvdh Why the bad attitude about my post?

I came here with an odd problem I hadn’t observed before, posted some pictures and you were able to figure out the issue on a subsequent picture. Sorry if the work “anomaly” seems to bother you so much.

I know how zones work, I’m not expecting the pour edge to be straight.

Explain better? Is this what asking this community for help is like??? I posted an imgur link with 9 pictures individually captioned, chill out.

@jag304 I don’t see any “bad attitude” in the reply @paulvdh posted. To me, you’re the one who needs to chill.

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I qouted your word “anomaly” back because I did not see anything I could interpret as an “anomaly”.