Annular Ring Pad Creation

Hello! I am new to Kicad, and I’ve got a few questions!

I am trying to create an annular ring as a ground pad. How do I create this? You can find it on page 6 of this data sheet:

What I have tried currently is creating a SMT circular pad at 1.68mm diameter, and then creating another smaller circular pad insdie of this pad at 1.1mm diameter, but for this pad I switched the ‘copper layer’ to ‘none’ in the pad properties.

Does this work? I don’t know if a trace would understand to attached to the outside of the ring here.


This pad has a hole in it (the microphone picks the sound from this side, it serves as a sound port). So this pad is a regular through-hole type, nothing fancy. Size 1.68 drill 1.1mm.

Thank you Dolganoffor your response. How did you know this pad should be a through hole? I see on page 11 of the datasheet that the mems microphone has a through hole in the actual part, but where in the datasheet does it specify the footprint on the PCB should have a through hole pad under the annular pad?

Or is this something you know from experience with microphones? Just wondering so I’m not missing something for the any future designs.

The datasheet said it’s an annular pad and you’ll have to have a hole in it (because this particular microphone’s sound port is on the pcb side).
This can only be a through hole pad then, no other choice :wink: