Annoying cache issue

Since Ive started using version 5 I keep getting the error Symbol … not found in any library or cache. and when you reopen the Schematic all the components are not squares with ? . Kicad deletes the contents of the -cache.lib file if you put the original back the components reappear

What happens if you:

  1. Create a new empty KiCad project.
  2. Open Eeschema, put some components on it.
  3. Save / Exit / Restart.
  4. Open Eeschema again.

Or: Do you actually have some working library setup that works properly with new projects, or do you have problems with both new and old projects?

If you edit a symbol that looks like [ ?? ] in Eeschema, what library does is reference (post here) and does that library (or similar?) exist on your HDD?

A simple way that often works is to completely uninstall KiCad and then re-install it, and make certain it also installs the new libraries.

Does the “rescue” system get triggered? And which buttons do you pres then?

How much knowledge do you have about KiCad’s library management?
Have you searched the FAQ for Library Managment?

In the FAQ, start with:

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