Annoying broken footprint

Except it won’t let me save anything to my library because of the broken footprint. Always gets the error but does not write the file.

Is there a second file that has that name?
Windows generally has the bad habit of hiding file name info so i suggest you check with a commandline tool that this really is the file name. (Never trust the GUI)

Then move the file out temporarily using the file browser. After all you intent to use a text editor to fix it up anyways.

I’d be quite content just to eliminate it, but the error comes even with the file gone. Maybe I should delete and readd the whole library.

No, that didn’t work. Deleted the file. Deleted the library. Added the library. Opened the library and no error. Edited a footprint. Tried to save library. ERROR.

Ha! We have met the enemy, and he is us!

I made a new .pretty folder and copied all the files.

Then in the libraries manager, I deleted the OLD folder and added the NEW.

Now, things seem to be working. I also learned a bit about how footprints connect to .step files.

Yes, I read :footprints:

In most OS the “.” in front means hidden file, so likely to be not displayed by default

Also, the name with and the name without the leading dot are 2 different file names.

Whats the speed of that banana chip? :slight_smile:

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Not in windows. But the file could have been set to invisible by other means.

I did say most, but as you say hiding might have been the intent using an attribute

I specifically mentioned windows here as @Torby is clearly on that operating system (from the file paths)

Um. Yes. Windoze. I guess I never specified that.

Now, isn’t that cute. I’ve used these little ALPS SLLB120300 switches for years. Now I have a .step file for them. I call them “5-way” switches.

Say, can I put “C:/Users/USTHRUB/Documents/KiCad/” down in the “Path Substitutions” in case I want to share schematics, layouts or footprints with somebody whose employer hasn’t named them “USTHRUB?” Or maybe these all belong somewhere besides my documents folder?

I would advise using the path substitution variables for all your personal libraries and 3D object location. But, not for sharing reasons. This is so when you eventually change machines or reorganize your current machine all you have to do is setup the correct paths in the Configure Paths dialog for new paths. Otherwise you would have to update all your projects and libraries.

For sharing with others, they may not necessarily use the same variable names as you do for their own libraries and 3D object paths. What I would us is @MitjaN’s archive project plugin which will copy symbols, footprints, and 3D objects to the project folder and update the schematic and pcb to find all the resources in the project file. Then zip the entire project folder and you have a nice, compact, and portable project.

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This is the Relative Path vs Absolute Path problem
Relative allows me to move projects between my Windows and Ubuntu Linux PCs

I forgot to mention that others may not have the extra symbols or 3D objects that you have either made or downloaded. Archiving the symbols and 3D objects will make sure the recipient has the symbols and 3D objects that your project uses but aren’t in the standard libraries. (Footprints aren’t as important because they are fully encapsulated in the PCB file.)

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Just a slight correction, footprint don’t need to be archived as they are already contained within .kicad_pcb (and you clarify that in your next post). But if you need to archive them, my plugin currently does not support this. You can archive them using pcbnew integrated save footprintss functionality.

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Thanx for the clarification.

I can’t seem to make a new Path Substitution for Footprint Libraries.

Oh. Here we go.

I’ve moved from computer to computer MANY times, each time with some grief. I used “Configure Paths” to make a “TORBY” path that points to C:\Users\USTHRUB\Documents\KiCad

Then I added a library at "${TORBY}/libraries and a footprint library at "${TORBY}/libraries.pretty.

Hmm. Need a library manager for 3d shapes. Perhaps I’ll edit both the footprints to be “${TORBY}/3dShapes/whatever.step”

This might help Library management in KiCad version 5

And of course this: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)? (last section is about 3d models, link should point directly to it)

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