Announcing Library Leadership Change

Hi all,

i realized that i no longer have the time to give the library the attention it would need. Which is why i decided to look for a replacement and luckily Christian (I assume forum handle @chschlue) volunteered to take over. I plan to be still around and help as much as i can especially on the footprint side.

I will sadly also find less time to be on the forum. So feel free to rework my tutorials as required (well you were always welcome to do so).


Obligatory 'throw Christian to the lions" joke? We all greatly appreciate what you have done here.

Rene has been one of the most active forum members, helping others by answering all the time, and he has written most of the FAQ articles. So this is a great loss.

However, it’s always like this: certain people do most of the work and seem to become irreplaceable. When they step down it will be realized they weren’t irreplaceable after all because someone else can take the job. We hope it’s not one person who takes the responsibilities but that several new persons find their places in the project. That way the project grows stronger.

I hope your lack of time for Kicad is due to an improvement at work or family. This forum will miss you. Good luck!

Many thanks for your contributions Rene, hope to still see you around online.

We really appreciate your effort Rene

Thanks for all the great work and doco. Come visit us often.

Thanks for your contributions and your support. When moving forward in life, at times something has to be left behind…
Best of luck!

I fully agree, you are a forum-institution Rene ! :raising_hand_man:

I hope you will at least occasionally poke your nose in here; if for no other reason than to complain that there is a particular symbol missing from a certain library and the only version you can find on the internet stubbornly won’t load into Kicad. :rofl:

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I will be sorry not to see you around so much. I have learned a great deal about KiCad from your tutorials and a great deal about how to give advice from your forum posts and responses.
I wish you well in whatever you do and hope you will still find some time to drop by.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this!

Thank you @Rene_Poschl for all your commitment both to the library work as well as for your great FAQ articles. I hope we’ll still see you around here on the Forums.

Back to lurking, eh? Comes to all of us.
All the best.

Rene, I always appreciated the Work you’ve done here, thank you very much. Good luck for whatever you will be focussing on now.

I would like to add my thanks and appreciation for Rene’s work, from which we all have benefited.

Thank you @Rene_Poschl!