Announcing a change to Fedora Copr repositories

The following pertains to KiCad availability on Fedora Linux. Please note that none of what follows affects the official builds hosted by Fedora in any way. Everything below pertains only to the Copr repositories hosted by the KiCad team itself.

Previously, there was only one Copr repository for KiCad [1]. It contained both nightly builds of the development branch of KiCad and released builds of the stable branch of KiCad.

That arrangement turned out to be too limiting, because one might want to enable the repo to get nightly development builds, but might not want to get released builds from it. Additionally, the team wanted to make testing builds of the stable branch available, and adding a third thing to the repository would compound the problem.

Thus, the stable builds have been split off into a separate repository [2].

IMPORTANT: If you were previously getting your stable builds from [1], you must switch to [2], because no further stable builds will be added to [1]. To enable the new repository, simply issue the following command:

dnf copr enable @kicad/kicad-stable

The new testing builds of the stable branch are available in [3] and can be enabled by the following command:

dnf copr enable @kicad/kicad-testing

A few things to be aware of:

The builds in [2] and [3] share a namespace. If both repositories are enabled at the same time, they will effectively be combined; the build you get will always be the newest one available in either of the two repositories. In other words, if you enable both [2] and [3], a newer stable build will replace an older testing build, and a newer testing build will replace an older stable build.

The nightly development builds in [1] are completely independent of [2] and [3]. They live in a separate namespace, meaning that you can have both a nightly development build and a stable (or testing) build installed at the same time.


[1] @kicad/kicad Copr
[2] @kicad/kicad-stable Copr
[3] @kicad/kicad-testing Copr


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