Annotation/designator rules when generating netlist


Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I have been unable to find the “right” way to do this.

I do work for a university physics lab, and have been asked to create a experimental setup (the existing ones are done on strip board) based on a schematic like diagram in the course lab manual.
There are several banana sockets in the lab schematic labeled “A”, “B”, etc. and I would like the footprint on the PCB to have the same reference.

Even though I can give the schematic component the reference/annotation “A”, when I later create the netlist for the PCB tool, even though the “Keep existing annotation” box is checked, the schematic netlist tool insists on adding a 1 after the letter, so I get “A1”, “B1” etc. placed on the PCB (And the schematic is updated with this new designator.

I know I can hide the references on the PCB and enter dumb text, but I would like to do this properly so that anyone updating the design after me doesn’t have problems.




Think of the letters as component designators. I think they HAVE to have a number to satisfy other parts of the software. I don’t know of an easy way to change this. Other’s may chime in but I think this has been discussed before.


I typically would use the value field instead of the reference field for cases like this.


Seems the simplest is to have the SCH match the PCB, based on the annotation rules.
That means A1,B1 etc, but it is then easy to follow, and easy for anyone updating the design after you.

Using single letters alone, has to hit a ceiling at 26 parts, and suffix numbers are then required anyway.


I would make the “Reference Designator” text invisible, and use the “Value” fields to show the “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, etc.

If you are worried that the next guy who touches the design (who may, in fact, be YOU in 6 months or so) may get confused by this procedure, explain it in a “Note” on one of the non-physical layers (e.g., Dwgs.User, ECOx, F.Fab, etc.)



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