Annotating Schematic for Left and Right Side

Is there a way to automatically annotate a schematic with left and right side differentiators, for example R1L and R1R
Rather than have totally different numbers for the right side and left side, I would really like for them to have the same numbers, but the L or R at the end to distinguish between the two sides.

KiCad automatically adds numbers after the letters, so this doesn’t work. You could use RL and RR, though.

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That is not an ideal solution for me because CR is commonly used in industrial schematics as a control relay. I don’t think it will allow me to even manually enter the references that I want, because after annotating the entire schematic with my preferred naming scheme, it is still saying that the schematic needs to be annotated. This is really frustrating to me. I can’t generate a netlist, presumably because I’m not following Kicad’s standard annotating convention?

I use ranges of numbers to differentiate different groups, e.g. one group might be R1xx and the other group R2xx. There is no need for the numbers to be contiguous.

Thanks, is there any way to do that automatically with the correct leading zeroes so that they end up with the same number or characters, for instance R105, R115, or do you have to do it manually?

During normall annotation, you can make a selection, and annotate that with an offset (I forgot to encircle the Scope part…

Never tried checking if R005 is the same as R5, or if 005 is even allowed. You could always forgo R1 to R99.

So if I put the left side and right sides in separate sheets, and I use the “first free number after x” setting, I could end up with one sheet using R1xx and the next sheet using R2xx?

I think you can choose to annotate only the selection, see the screenshot paulvdh made.

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It’s in the center:

And also on your own PC if yo open the annotation window :slight_smile:

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