[ANN] plotkicadsch version 0.4.0


It is my pleasure to announce the version 0.4.0 of plotkicadsch tools.

There are two lightweight tools:

  • plotkicadsch generates svg files from schematic files
  • plotgitsch allows to visually compare git versions of schematics

This version mainly brings new features to plotgitsch:

  • add the -l option, which allows to specify additional component libraries
  • add the -c option to specify the colors
  • add the -t option to jump to text when there’s no visual difference
  • add the -k option to keep the diff files after viewing them
  • enhance svg drawing
  • add Windows binaries
  • add a small user’s guide

The utility works best if you follow the git setup guideline.

If you find issues with it, open an issue on the project’s website.

Hope you’ll find it interesting.