Analog Potentiometer

I’d like to thank the 2 guys who helped me with my library problem. Now I’m trying to find an analog potentiometer for my project and can only find digital pots… I’ve searched all through the libraries I have and can’t find one. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Have you looked under resistors? A pot is a variable resistor, usually 3 terminals.

Thanks Ken. I’ll look there.

Schematic symbol:
Eeschema / ‘a’ (shortcut key for “add”) / "pot"

Then choose one from the device library:

For a footprint:
A similar regular expression based search is built into the Footprint Editor.
Just type “pot” in the search bar in the left top corner.

Unfortunately this handy search function is still missing from the other entry methods, but once you know it’s full name, it’s easy to get that into another field somewhere.

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