altium2kiCAD Error during import

Hi, I’ve encountered some some problems when using the external plugin altium2kiCAD

The translation from .pcbdoc / .schdoc to .sch and .kicad_pcb went just fine

After I opened the .sch File in kiCAD I reveiced the error message:
" unexpected end of line in input/source, line “xxx”, offset “xxx” "
After removing these lines, the import was successful. Does someone know why there errors pop up?

The .kicad_pcb File I could not import at all, the error message:
" Expecting “)’” in input/source, line “xxx”, offset “xxx” "

System Information
Windows, kiCad 5.1.6

Many thanks if someone knows this issue and how to deal with it

@pointhi will probably need to see your Altium file.

altium2kicad is a script, not the native Altium importer implemented by pointhi.

Where can I download this native Altium importer?
I downloaded the nightly build 5.99 but didn’t see any button to import a “non-keycad PCB file”

if I remember correctly, you had to execute PCBNew in standalone mode, then you can import your Altium PCB

Yes, pcbnew standalone -> File -> Import Non-KiCad, then change the file type in the dialog.

Only the layout import works ATM, but you can probably combine the already imported .sch file and the new layout file into one project. The .sch file will be converted to the new schematic format when you open it with 5.99.

Remember that 5.99 is still very unstable; save often, keep backups, be ready to loose your work etc.

@abdu, also try C# project, recently poped in this thread

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