Altium to Kicad in C#

I am in the process of finishing off an Altium PCB to Kicad convertor in C#.
What do I do to release it to the community?
Do I just create a Github repository?


First of all congratulations on implementing this and It is really nice to share your work. As how to proceed, it is up to you, how much additional effort are you willing to put in. I can see several ways:

  1. Dump the code on github, with minimal readme file and be done with it.
  2. Dump the code on github, make the code executable on other systems (remove absolute paths, …), write proper readme so that power users know what to install in order to run the code.
  3. as in 2, but make an executable for your platform and make it available
  4. as in 3, but stay open to receive issues and pull requests. As an action plugin writer I can say that this option is rewarding, but it does take some of your free time.
  5. as in 4, but make sure that your code is architected so that you can easily split backend from frontend. This will make it easier to implement backend on other platforms. There might be a soul out there willng to port your code to different platforms and this should make it easier for them.

With any of this options you could also write down your experiences developing this, describing the altium format and another topics connected to this in a blog format.


Or gitlab which is the chosen platform for the KiCad project now. I don’t know if it offers any benefit to you instead of github, though.

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