Altium to KICAD file

Are there any ways to convert Altium Files to KiCAD?
I’ve tried this:
Which says file size is too large.


Okay, Thank you. May I know when can it be accessible?

Not till KiCad V6 it looks like. How badly do you need it? Bad enough to play around with the development version of Kicad? Still, not sure how useful the result would be in your case which I have NO idea what that is. :wink:

The nighties have a mostly completed altium importer, just a few edge cases mostly to do with zones that rely on some V6 features to be fully realized, so you will probably need to do a little cleanup after import

You can download and use the nightlies off the main kicad download page, but there may be some bugs or incompatibility going forward as they are changing the file formats.

To be clear, the nightlies have a mostly complete Altium PCB importer. Schematic import has not been implemented yet.


The state of the schematic importer can be seen here: @pointhi can tell more about it.

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