Altium to kicad conversion reference naming of duplicate sheet

Hi all,

I am converting the open source FoxBMS to KiCAD. While doing this I need to keep the annotation of the components the same, for the reference to the PCB editor. They are using duplicates of a schematic where Altium chooses for a different type of annotation. Here the first schematic gets referenced by “_1” behind the reference and the second “_2” and so on. Is this also possible do to in KiCAD?

Which part? When I go to their github page, they have 29 repositories.

Apparently this project is for a 100kW capable battery system. Doing electronics for such systems is not trivial. I also read they did a beta test in 2016 and their repositories have not seen updates after 2017 or 2018 and that means you are probably pretty much on your own for further development.

KiCad should be able to accept those references, but it will also mess up the scheme when re annotation is done. In the current KiCad you still have to import the schematic and the PCB separately, and do the matching once to make a connection, but after that KiCad uses it’s internal UUID’s and the RefDes is not very important anymore.

Yeah, I tested if it would work and it works, but it is very labor intensive to rename all the references. So I am wondering if there is a build in to add “_2” to the reference when there is a duplicate of a schematic.

I am currently working on the slave 18 cell PCB V1.1.5, which is there most recent slave PCB

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