Altium Board importer in pcbnew 6.0 Still Hidden?

Hi all,

We are very excited to use the new V 6.0!

To get started we needed to import our design files from Altium.

The schematics were easy: File → Import → Non-KiCad Schematic.

But the board file importer is still hidden and only shows up when running pcbnew stand alone.
(File → Import → Non-KiCad Board File).

Is this intentional? When can we expect it to be revealed?

Thanks for all the Effort to advance KiCad! It really shows.

This is intentional, the Altium importer is still work in progress. A lot of features do work well, but the format is complex and rather undocumented.

You’re right, you have to open the pcb editor in standalone mode for the import and save the result manually to your new project.

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Its not hidden. All the importers available when running the main KiCad project manager and pcbnew/eeschema launched from there are project-level importers where you provide the project file from the other ECAD software and it automatically imports the referenced schematics and boards. The importers available in the standalone pcbnew/eeschema programs are only importing the board/schematic, respectively, and not the entire project.

The reason Altium import is only in the standalone version is because there is no project importer for it yet (open wishlist item Import project from Altium (lp:#1755952) (#2117) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab). Once there is a project importer for it, you will be able to use that from the main KiCad project manager window to import the project.

Thank you for the reply.

I realize the Altium importer is not feature complete. However, the menu item for it in pcbnew does not appear unless pcbnew is opened standalone, whereas in Eeschema it does appear regardless how launched.

For consistency, I think the menu item should always appear in pcbnew.

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