Alternate Symbols and other Symbol Arrangements

As a newbe to Kicad I wonder that schematic symbols have numerous copies in library instead linking them to a single and central maintainable source. My schematics traditionally show only symbols male and female for all available connectors. This allows to keep symbol count low and all other manufacturer parts can put its pin mapping with a link to one of the both symbols. More and other connector symbols cannot enlighten the circuit but scattered arrangement allows to show the signal flow with improved clarity. E.g inputs to the left and outputs to the right with appropriate symbol rotation angle. If more compact view is desired, all symbols can be arranged in one or more colums with a single reference designator on top while other references are switched to invisible. For the compact all-in-one connectors found in Kicad symbol libraries I have to draw much more wire length and library maintenance becomes time consuming.

It was not possible to draw shown schematics by use of the alternate symbol feature. Functionality seems to be limited to De-Morgans rule for rarely used university matter what is not useful for exact schematic representation of physical existing boards.

The Conn_01x04_Female cannot explode to scatter to the shown schematic arrangement. Even if the alternate symbol could be same, it was not possible to enter the pin mapping 1x4 and 4x1 gate slots for the same connector in one symbol library entry. Shown schematic uses 2 diffrent entries in symbol library for identical connectors J1 and J2 with identical footprint and same manufacturer part number while the alternate symbol feature remains unused for both. Did not try but probably BOM also becomes two positions for same component to purchase.

The suffix A,B,C,D of reference designator J2 and U1 are not required. We see this at the pin numbers. How to switch off this suffix or switch suffix to invisible ?

I tried to use the value property for signal name of each pin. This causes errors to the forward annotation. Clustering symbols to components by annotation tool with same reference designator seems to require same value? I also failed to attach any further pin label property to a connector pin. Inverted signal input labels are loose labels not connected to the symbol nor the pin.

Same issue with R_Network03. I like to have alternate symbols 1x3 and 3x1 gate slots for pin mapping. RN1 and RN2 have identical manufacturer part numbers and identical footprint but occupy diffrent symbol library entries while alternate symbol feature remains unused for both.

So create your own symbols. There’s nothing in KiCad that requires the use of the supplied symbol libraries.

One solution to that problem is to define a connector, a R-network, or whatever as a symbol with sub-units. That way they can be scattered across a single schematic page. Unit scattering across a hierarchical design might not be such a good idea.

A useful option that should be implemented into the software is a simple check box to allow for scattering or not. Sounds like a feature request.

browsing the forum, it seems many similar questions raised by other users. I tried to sketch a solution in that threat Idea for Pin Mapping Hard Wired Items ie:MosFets and it doesnt seem to be a simple scattering check box

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