Alternate pin functions in schematics-Please explain typical use

I’ve just noticed that alternative pin functions have just been introduced in the schematic editor. What is the typical usage of this feature, and how does it differ from Alternate pin assignment? Thanks.

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I think the modification mentioned just allows the user to change the pin function from a right click . . .

The Alternate Pin Assignment table is used for microcontroller and such, so you can easily show the pin names of alternate functions (uart, timer, I2C, etc) instead of the generic names, and I guess that the Alternate Pin Functions are just a menu entry to have quicker access to the list of alternate pin names.

The *Alternate Pin Assignment list is filled n the symbol editor by the people creating the symbol. Not all brand so microcontrollers have these names defined, but the STM32 microcontrollers do have these names filled in.

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I’ve just rationalized the names. The Symbol Properties dialog tab is now called “Pin Functions” and the right-click menu item is now “Pin Function >”