Alternate KiCad Library 3.0

New version 3.0 is here!

Over 10000 new symbols:

  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Voltage Comparators
  • Difference Amplifiers (differential in, single-ended out)
  • Differential Amplifiers (differential in, differential out)
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Programmable Gain Amplifiers
  • Isolation Amplifiers
  • Capacitor symbols (example: C_0603 is a symbol with pre-assigned 0603 footprint, value needs to be entered by the user)
  • Resistor and resistor network symbols (Similarly to capacitors, already have pre-assigned footprints)

Over 2600 new footprints:

  • New library variants for existing libraries (Capacitors, Crystals, ferrites, Fuses, Resistors)
  • SIP Package library
  • THT and SMD Potentiometer libraries

SMD Footprint Revamp:

  • All standard SMD pads now have rounded corners (25% or 0.25mm corner radius).
  • Fabrication layer has been updated.
  • Silkscreen outline now snaps to 0.1mm grid, forming a sort of secondary courtyard. This enables easy and clean component placement.
  • Footprints for parts with exposed pads now have solder paste apertures designed to let out evaporating flux during reflow soldering.

See the new official website for more details:

Library can be downloaded via KiCad Plugin and Content Manager. Keep in mind that some extra steps need to be taken by the user before the library is accesible. Installation instructions:

New and vastly expanded library documentation:

You can also download the library from Github here:


License information can be found on the official website and in the AKL User Manual

Hope you enjoy!


Awesome work, thanks for maintaining and improving this lib.

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This is an impressive work, especially the user manual. Thank you for doing this!

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Using this lib for my projects, I specially like the symbols that makes my schematic more readable, amazing work!

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Is there any plan to merge with or replace the official Kicad library?

No, by design AKL is incompatible with KiCad Library convention.

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Thanks this library is awesome. I’ve been using the symbols and FP for a while now. A lot of symbols are much better than official libraries.
I especially like the rect around resistors and caps which makes it much more easily discernible on a crowded PCB.
The documentation is also excellent. Do you use any program to compile the documentation or is it all written by hand?

Glad you like the library!
Documentation is all done in MS Word, written by hand (the doc is 600+ pages and took about 3 months to complete).

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Wow! :+1: x10 !! !! !!

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A repetition of what others said: your documentation skills are excellent !
Wish similar documentation existed for the kicad API :slight_smile:

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