Allow spaces in NAME field for Eeschema (kicad-source files)

In the kicad-source files, is there a way to modify the Value of the “Name” field in the symbol properties that allows for spaces? For example, if I want to name the symbol “component one”, eeschema automatically ignores white spaces and assigns the name as “componentone”. However, I need the name to stay as two words.
Thank you!

Isn’t ALT+103 (numpad) one of those invisble characters? You could give that a go.

I generally suggest the use of underline “_” to replace spaces. (limit yourself to the core ascii chars for asset names. This will reduce the chance that anything goes wrong. It also makes it easier to search for assets)

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ALT+103 is “g”
Underscore is the safe way to avoid the space issue. In the UNIX world spaces signify a separate file.

I was thinking more when editing the source files directly, is there a way to override the automatic removal of white spaces for the Value/Name field?

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