All ok with me modifying thread titles? + please like posts that helped you!


Hi there.

I’m occasionally modifying thread titles and add keywords that are used in the KiCAD/EDA world in the hope to make it easier for others (especially people in-the-know) browsing this forum to chime in and lend a thought/hand here or there.
I restrain from removing the original title, I just add words or groups of words to try to make it more clear what the OP wants (from what I understand).
Is there any counter opinion on doing this?

Which brings me to my next point - likes (:heart:).
Currently this kind of ability is available to Maui, System and me only, as to get this ability one needs to have earned the badge ‘Regular’.
I’d really like to get others on that level as well (I’m just human after all), so I’m clicking on posts that answer the OP’s question whenever I see fit, but there needs to be more than 5 different people’s likes for a member to make those likes count towards the ‘Regular’ badge.
#So please, if you got help from someone - :heart: their posts - as this will make this community stronger and should motivate/elevate knowledgeable people to be of more help.#



All OK with modifiying titles, this forum is useful as a Knowledge base and better titles help indexing.