All footprint pads have a circle around them


I have an odd (I think) problem. Every pad has a large diameter circle around them. At first they were just around a footprint I created. Then I did a reimport of the ne list to correct some connections. Now they are around all pads.



It looks like clearance got increased to some unreasonable value some how.


Thanks! You were right. Default net classes settings changed.

Oddly I never went there since I was still working on footprints and placement.


I always blame it on cosmic rays flipping bits. A company I worked for once told me they complained about some issues to a prominent network company about their Denver hub and the prominent network company told them they needed to add something like 6 feet of dirt to the top of the building to solve their problems. I forget the exact number but the problem was solved with software from the prominent network company. They didn’t need to bury the building after all. :wink:


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